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Tunisia's Reality from Ben Brik’s Lens

The Brothers Hamlet by Taoufik Ben Brik
By Amira Masrour  Edited by Michael Dickens .

Taoufik Ben Brik is a Tunisian writer, poet and journalist. Born in 1960 in Jerissa, a town in northwestern Tunisia, he is well known for his anti-authority attitude and being an outspoken critic of censorship in his country.
The title of his book is deceiving; when someone reads the title for the first time, one may think that it is about Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” Yet, it is the author’s first trick. If it is not about the play Hamlet, then it is about what?
If you look at the title, again, you will ask yourself: does Hamlet have brothers? This is another trick used by Ben Brik to push the reader to think and think again about what has been taken for granted.
The title brings to mind the Shakespearean figure Hamlet or Dostoevsky’s book The Brothers Karamasov.
Here, there are nine main characters. Some of them are Shakespearean and the others are figures chosen from the author’s historical and cultural …

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