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Tunisian Cinema challeging social silent codes

Late December is a Tunisian film directed by Moez Kamoun in 2010. The film has got many awards. It had the Special Jury Prize "Best Arab Actress", the Cairo International Film Festival (Egypt 2010), the "Silver Dagger" at the Muscat International Film Festival (Oman 2012) and the "Fifog Silver "at the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (Switzerland 2012).
                                                        The film trailer
This film stars Dhafer Abidin, Hend Fahem, Lotfi Abdeli among many others. LateDecember focuses on several themes such as the virginity and how it is perceived by the Tunisian society. Two other subjects were also present in the film: gender and patriarchy.
Aicha (Hend Fahem) lives in a remote Tunisian mountainous village and yearns to fulfill her dreams. After giving her promises for a better life, her boyfriend Helmi disappears and leaves her in a state of confusion and despair. Sofien (Lotfi abdeli), a young Tunisian man…

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